Handbook of Ionization Spectra
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Method of ionization spectroscopy (IS) had found a wide application for microelectronics and electronic engineering. "Handbook of ionization spectra" was published in 1989 contain the ionization spectra of pure elements and their more frequently used in microelectronics compounds. Further development of IS technique which was realized in laboratory of electron spectroscopy of Kiev Taras Schevchenko university allows to extend the scope of application and to employ for milti-component compounds and alloys. IS technique was found informative for the investigations of early stages of the structural steels corrosion processes. "Handbook of ionization spectra" was added by ionization spectra of compounds which most frequently formed in corrosion processes. Electronic version of "Handbook of ionization spectra" extends the scope of their application and permits authors to add its by new ionization spectra.

Publication of "Handbook of ionization spectra" was supported by Ministry for Science and Technology Affairs of Ukraine (grant No 2M/101-2000).

The electronic version of the Handbook will allow familiarisation with the Ionization Spectroscopy technique, which in a natural way supplements other experimental techniques of solid surfaces investigation.

The authors will appreciate any remarks to this version of the Handbook. They can be sent to the following electronic mail addresses afanasieva@univ.kiev.ua

"Handbook of Ionization Spectra"
ISBN 966-02-1954-7
T. Afanasieva, I. Koval,V. Lysenko, P. Mel'nik, N. Nakhodkin, M. Pyatnitsky
Ukrainian National Academy of Science, Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science
Taras Schevchenko University, Radiophysical department
tel.: +38(044)526-05-60
e-mail: afanasieva@univ.kiev.ua